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Hilma af Klint

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I used a generative art algorithm to create a series of real-time variations of Hilma af Klint's renowned painting, "The Swan (No. 17)." Inspired by af Klint's striking use of color and form, I sought to reimagine the painting's visual themes and motifs through a new, generative lens.

Using a carefully curated set of parameters and variables, I created a collection of unique pieces that captured the essence of af Klint's original work while also exploring new possibilities within the generative art medium. By utilizing a sophisticated color and texture mapping system, I sought to pay homage to af Klint's original vision while also exploring the nuances and intricacies of generative art technology.

Through this project, I aimed to showcase the beauty and power of generative art while inspiring others to explore the limitless possibilities of art and technology.

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